Recycle blood glucose monitors

Kerri brought up a good question about what to do with the rapidly rising count of meters that we have. I have collected four in the last year, a Freestyle, two freestyle flashes and an Accu-check.
I vaguely remembered that Cindy on the diabetes blog had talked about it a while ago. So I went looking and found something, though it did not make me happy as in the US the meters are mostly given away free to make the money off the test strips. So what do I do with these leftover meters.

Another quick google search brings me to an interesting site for recycling medical instruments and sending them to the developing world.


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Patrick Hebert said…
I've been wrestling with this issue for a long time too... where do old blood glucose monitors go?

I decided to do something about the problem and have introduced a new service.

Please check out for free glucometer recycling info.

Pat Hebert
helsan said…
Finally Success in recycling!

Send any surplus medical equipment to:
Aid to Hospitals Worldwide
c/o NHS Transport dept
Hospital Rd
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 3NR
Anonymous said…
do you takr glucose motitors?? they are unopened, the test strips are expired and we can use them. it seems like such a waste to through away perfectly good moitors
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