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Taking a stand against your disease

Sounds crazy but sometimes I think that I am in a war situation against diabetes.

The disease and my mind are both striving to control the same resource, my body.

My brain is the benevolent ruler of the the domain. It currently control all the pieces of the body and tries to do the best job so that they are all coexisting together in harmony. It tries to keep things going and if something fails, it tries to compensate and see if others can take over.

The diabetes is like an invader. It wants to take over this strong resource and use it up and leave it for dead. It does have accomplices that help it invade the body. It works slowly and methodically. It slowly starts to open up various different fronts to start to make it harder for just one brain to keep fighting. Diabetes is a fearful foe as it does not need any rest. And when it takes over an organ it has no intention of making it better, stronger, faster. All the diabetes wants to do is conquer, use it all up and leave it behind to …

Wanting everything just right

As I sit here thinking what do I really want, I cannot help but notice the desires of most human to want everything right.

I want my diabetes to not just be in control, but to go away. But then I also want to be able to eat whatever my heart desires but not loose weight. I also want to not have to have a rigorous exercise schedule. Basically I want everything without having to work hard. Even I know that is not feasible :-)

So I will learn to be thankful for what I have rather than complain.