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What about - Eat, Drink and Be Merry !!!

I hear that once in a while from folks who think it is cute to use a cliche. I myself an guilty of using a lot of them :-)

So what do Diabetics do with a cliche about food -
1) Eat, in moderation. Avoid carbs unless you are on a sulfonylureas(like glyburide) or Insulin. Eat more protein, it will keep you full for longer. Eat lots of vegetables to fill you up. Eat after atleast a 2.5 hours break between meals, longer if possible.

2) Drink, in moderation again. Or like me, give it up all together. Drink without food can send a diabetic into hypoglycemia. And in general with the propensity to depression, diabetics should avoid downers.

3) Be Merry, definitely. I try to be. It is easy when the sugars are in control and life is relaxed. Much harder when the sugars are out of control.

So my advice to other diabetics is to try to -

Good A1C, but still leaking sugars from the kidneys

I visited the doctor a few days ago. He ran some blood and urine tests.
Results were interesting -
A1C - 6.6 Ya, I was expecting higher.
But seems like there was sugar in the urine. so it means that kidneys are leaking stuff.

The doctor thinks that I might be a higher risk even though my A1C is in good control. Something about some folks have genes that cannot handle diabetes. So now I got to figure out what I need to do.....

In servitude of my diabetes

I feel like most of the time I am a servant of the disease. Diabetes has taken over my life and now I am serving the disease.

Can you imagine an entity like the disease who decides to rule over the people it has control on.

I cannot think and do anything that is not approved by the disease.
I pay homage to it by thinking about it more than anything else in my life.
I obsess about how to manage my relationship with it.
I am glad when I happen to have a low sugar, thanking the disease for a temporary break.
When I break the rules, I get punished by high sugars.
There is always the specter of other complications like blindness and amputation on my head.

So I pay homage to the disease and ask that I may be spared once in a while so I can have a more normal life.