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Rewarding oneself - with food?

Last week I got excited that I had managed to have a great week with sugars in control. I wanted to reward myself. But when I thought of how, I ended up thinking about eating something I really really like or missed since now I watch what I eat. A few more minutes and I could see how weird this whole things was. You reward yourself for eating good, by eating bad...hmmm

This is a real thinker issue. What do I do now? All my life I have rewarded myself with some sort of food. I am sure it was something that started really early in childhood. Either it was something I created or something my parents inadvertently created in me. But for the last few decades that is what has been ticking my bones.

Now, the great D is making me rethink the whole paradigm of rewards. My existing reward system has to be dismantled. What should I replace it with. Maybe I reward myself with a new exercise tool, nah, have too many of those already. Maybe a new electronic gadget. Unfortunately that can be a prett…

Can you get rid for Diabetes Type 2

Last week I saw an article on the Diabetes Blog by Kristi -

Made me start thinking about whether there is a real cure for diabetes right now. The Type 1 folks do not really have any recourse right now. The Islet impantation seems to really promising.

For the type 2 folks, seems like there is a lot of information out there. Most cases it seems like folks say that you can get rid of this disease if you loose enough weight. My feeling is that loosing the weight probably makes it better, but you can never ever get rid of the problem. Once you have diabetes, you have it for the rest of your life. You can change your lifestyle and keep it in control, but you can never get to the point where you can eat that large piece if cake and not have the sugar spike like crazy.

The more I think, the more I realize that I do not want to be eating like I used to before I found out that I was a type 2 diabetic. Now that I know more, I would rather eat and …

Blog writers bloc

Have been having a hard time coming up to write some information here to share with the other folks. Life has suddenly taken a turn for more busy, but I will start making time to make sure I start writing more information.
There are lots of good ideas swimming in my head and just need to come in write them down.

Sugars coming in control !!

The last week my sugars have been great. I think taking some extra fiber is paying off. I am still not getting enough exercise, but an definitely trying to relax and go with the flow of things. Life's oddities at home and work are still stressful, but I am able to remind myself that I need to relax as some things are beyond my control.
The fasting sugars are still a little off, but definitely doing better than the first week of March.
What are my targets -
Fasting sugars < 130
2 hrs after breakfast < 160
2 hrs after lunch < 160
2 hrs after dinner < 160

Who is in control?

Some days I try to come to a conculsion on whether my diabetes is in control? Who is in control?
Is it me
Is it my brain
Is it my body
Is it my pancreas
Is it my diabetes

I can't understand and I am sure there is no single answer. The way I feel is always related to so many variables for the day, week, month.
Lately I have seen my weight start to go up, my sugar numbers worsen. But now with the summer approaching, I hope to get active again and take control of this.

Living By the Numbers

Seems like life is becoming driven by numbers.
I have a couple of friends whose life seem to be living by the price of their companies stock. They happen to have stock options and have bet the rest of their future on their stock. It is hard to warn people to be aware of the Enron trap when they see stories of riches coming from Google stock. These folks are euphoric on the days the stock goes up and really sad when it starts moving downwards.

Coming back to my story. My life is now ruled by the sugar numbers. Not sure if that is any better
that the stock numbers. I console myself with the fact that on the sugar numbers, I have a small amount of control. I try and get my sugar 4 times a day, One fasting, and then 2 hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner. The month started off great. On Mar 1st, I had and execllent day -
Fasting - 112
Breakfast - 133
Lunch - 134
Dinner - 117
I felt great. It was the best start to a month that I could have hoped for. But today morning on 2nd, my fasting suga…