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Should we hide our diabetes

Saw a link on the diabetes daily and made me think -

I have not hidden diabetes from people around me, but I do not go out there and make a visible spectacle of testing for my sugars. When I do test, I do it in the privacy of my own room. When I am at a party, I test in the bathroom.
I believe that there is no reason to hide the disease, infact we should be open about it as more people need to talk about it. The more we all talk, the more the awareness for the disease and at times I have helped others who are trying to deal with the disease when it hits their families. There is so much ignorance about this disease and we need to come out and tell people about it.
I also believe that we need not make other uncomfortable by checking the sugars in front of them. I am OK doing this in front of family. My 2-yr old daughter always comes up to me and tell me - "Dad, can I help". She sometimes playacts the act of…

What medications do I use

This question came up in the comments in the last post that I did.
Right now, I am not taking any medication. It is hard but I am trying to control my sugars just using diet and exercise. In this whole process I am finding that it is much easier to keep the numbers in check for the day, but the morning sugars are the hardest to get a handle on.
Lately my target for the morning sugars is to have it under 120 and the sugars two hours after breakfast/lunch and dinner is to be under 150. So the numbers after the food are doing great. The one in the morning is going 50/50. Half the days I am over and half the days I am under. Still not able to figure out what exactly can I change to control this.
To get better morning numbers, the doc has advised me to take metfornin. I have filled the prescription, but have not taken a tablet as yet. Something in me makes it hard to take the tablet. I think I was scared of the low sugar conditions that I hit when I was on Glyburide for a month earlier in t…