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How would you deal with diabetes in a war zone?

Listening to all the news coming from Lebanon, I started to wonder how do the diabetics take care of themselves in a war zone?
Few things that will throw the careful life we diabetics construct around ourselves -
1) Having your house blown away with all your medicines. I guess you can be happy that you survived.
2) No idea where the next meal will be found. Have to eat what is available. No choice. Either you risk starvation or high sugars. I guess the choice would be to get your hands at as much meat as you can get. Know that the sugars are going to high. Try to go for raw vegetables if you can find any in a garden. Risk some starvation. High sugars are better than lows.
3) Constant stress. It would be an anxious and stressful time. The stress hormones are going to going crazy. There is really very little chance of keeping any control on your sugars.

Overall not a pretty situation.

My heart goes out to the folks that are currently going through this conflict, whether they are civilians or …

phorum - Health & Medicine Forum at Asiawind - REVERSAL OF TYPE 2 DIABETES & NEUROPATHY USING ELEOTIN

[Enter your comment here]Has anyone ever heard about ELEOTIN before. I am interested, but very sceptical. This is going to need more research. As they say, anything that looks too good to be true .... Read more at

Clean house, good sugars

Just picking up around the house and cleaning up some of the surfaces and the sugar numbers are coming out great. It is amazing what a simple mopping of the floors will do to your sugars. None of this is very extensive exercise, but it sure is some.
Reason I think cleaning up helps -
1) You get some exercise or else you would end up sitting around watching TV.
2) The act of cleaning gives a surreal pleasure to your brain.
3) Seeing a clean house makes you feel relaxed and good, which is a known way to keep the sugars in balance.

So lets get cleaning...There is so much more to do....try not to get stressed....if you do not make the mess, you will not have to cleanup.....

Is it OK to Pity yourself?

Last week had a bunch of revelations forced on myself. I realized that my complaining about higher sugars was being considered a Pity me attitude. It was interesting. I obviously never thought of it like that. I always considered it my right to complain when I did not have everything in control. But when you do it too many times to the same set of persons, it starts to smell and taste like a pity-me item. And if it looks like one, smells like one, tastes like one, it is a Pity me.
Some realizations that dawned as part of this process -
1) Things are always in your control. Do not let them out of your control and if you do, then do not complain about it later.
2) If you are overwhelmed by diabetes or any other disease, do speak out and complain. Just try to spread it out. Some ideas -
- Compain to youself in the car, loudly.
- Complain to family.
- Complain to friends.
- Create a blog and rant on it.
This makes sure one single person does not get the brunt of all compl…

Long term impact of eating Paneer

Last weekend we ended up going for a wedding in the family. It was a great Indian wedding. There was lots of food as usual and over a couple of days. I tried to do the best I can to eat things that will keep my sugars low -
1) Eat the meat. Lay low of the gravy
2) Eat the paneer ( Indian cheese for those who do not know what this is ).
The sugars did great. It also helped that my two year old always wanted to be out and about rather than in the room full of people. I cam back thinking I have handled the weekend great.
But the days following the weekend, my sugars started creeping up. I realized that the long term impact of eating the heavy stuff was -
1) The fat makes your appetite grown and make you want more.
2) I feel like I have gained atleast 3 pounds on the tummy and that cannot be good for the sugars.
3) It is going to take a lot of hard work to undo the two days of easy eating.
What should I have done -
Eaten the meat and stayed away from the panner. Tried to get my hands on vegis if …