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The joy of seeing your blood sugar in double digits

I rarely find my sugar being lower than 100. So today 2 hours after breakfast when I saw 99, I was ecstatic. I have been active in the morning cleaning up the house and stuff and it is really hot, so I am pretty much sweating all morning. Maybe a combination of all these things is helping.
Whatever it is, I am happy.
Now to resist the impulse to eat worser food because one number was great :-)

How I got my Fasting BS down

I used to have fasting sugars running into the 150's for a while last year. This was really bad and I found myself waking up to body aches. For some reason the pain the soles of my feet was the worst.

So I stated off on a plan to get it down -
1) Stop eating carbohydrates (e.g. bread, rice) during dinner. This was harder on my wife since she had to make sure that there was enough protein and vegetables to actually fill me up. I helped by adding lots of green salads to the diet. This helped take the number down a little.

2) Started some minor exercise in the the night. I tried to be active. If we are watching TV, I would walk on the spot. Play some tumbling games with the kids. Clean up the kitchen. This helped.

3) Started taking a 500 mg of Metfornin. This was another big help.

Now my number are mostly under 115 for the morning. It seems to be trending down as I am exercising regularly at the gym and actually loosing some weight.

Since I cannot stop experimenting, I tried out not taking…

I got quoted on the is doing some interesting series of articles on diabetes, but then who is not. In one of the articles, they quoted me on some of the things that I said.
Check it out here - Articles with my quote.

It is interesting how so many websites are doing series on diabetes. It is a testament to how prevalent the disease is becoming. Each week I find out yet another person who is diagnosed. This week it was a cousin of mine whose sugars were out of the world. She is not on some medication, not sure which one though.

My sincere hope is that all this extra focus will help people take control in earlier and earlier stages. I would have benefited if I would have gotten tested earlier.

Its sunshine all around

The blues have long gone.
Exercising regularly. Feel so much more energy.
Have been reading Positive thinking regularly and practising the principle. It is very interesting how well it works. I am amazed.
Seriously looking at improving the kind of work I am doing.

And the weather has also turned for the better. There is finally sunshine in Seattle.

Seems like a cosmic sign of - All is Well...Go forth and blog!

Exercise is finally showing some results

I have lost 3 pounds in the last 3 years. I am feeling totally amazed and very very happy.
The money being spent to be a part of YMCA is definitely worth it.

Been a long time since I read any book on Diabetes

Life gets so busy and you never have time to read up on things that you want to.

When I was first diagnosed with Diabetes, I read vociferously. I enjoyed the Dr Bernstein book. I wanted to know as much as I could about the disease.

Then life kicked in and taking up a book on diabetes was just not possible. I have tried on and off, but not gotten much farther. It is always more exciting to be reading something that is faster and more easier on the brain :-)

Lately I do a lot of audio books that I check out from the library. We have a great system here in Seattle. But there are no audio books on the Diabetes issue. I wish there were some as I am sure that are a bunch of folks who would be interested. It is hard to get a handle on a book of facts via audio, but the right person, like the author themselves would be able to convey the ideas pretty well.

I do plan on reading one new book on my diabetes this year. Planning a long 3 week vacation to the NY region this summer. It would be an ideal…