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Hot summer days, a boon or a curse

Makes you lazy so hard to move, but then you spend most of the time in water to cool yourself and get loads of exercise without feeling like you are getting it.

Remember to drink lots of water to stop any possible dehydration. Diabetics have worser effects when dehydrated.

Sometimes the wind under your sails just dies out

Imagine this, you are sailing the oceans in a nice sailboat. The winds are catching nicely on the sails and you are sailing effortlessly. Then suddenly the wind dies out. You are now sitting in a nice boat with the sail all limp and no sign of any wind and you are wondering now what will I do.

Something like this is happening with my diabetes right now. I feel like I was sailing and there was lots of winds helping me coast and suddenly it is all gone. I am sitting in the middle and waiting to see if a new wind comes along so I can take a ride and start moving again.

Fenugreek seeds, how to

O had an interesting chat with another fellow diabetic from India.
Seems like both of us had heard and beloieved that fenugreek, aka Methi, seeds are good for the diabetes. We were both taking it.

He talked about being advised to eat them raw with a glass of water.

My in-laws actually grind up the seeds and eat a spoonful with breakfast.

I soak my seeds overnight and eat them with the water in the morning. I used to eat them the first thing in the morning, but based on something my dad said, I now eat them with breakfast.

My experience is that the effects are there whichever method you choose.

So eat some seeds and drink lots of water. And control your diet and get some exrcise. The Methi seeds are not any miracle pill, there is none.

Diabetes is a life altering disease

Diabetes is a life changing disease.

It makes you change the way you live the rest of your life.

I am happy with the way my life is now. I have a lot more energy and vigor now that I know how to control it.

Somedays I do slip, like during festivals and weddings and I find myself in the same state I was in before the disease. But I am able to catch myself and come back.