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Monday was a day filled with Saddness

I do not know what was special about Monday, but lots of weird stuff happened. I lose a close friend and three lives get extinguished.

I woke up in the morning and found out that a close friend of mine was moving back to India. We used to be really close, but had been out of touch for a while and now he was leaving, this would end up leaving a void in my life. I felt bad that we are not talking together much and felt bad that I had no close friends left any more. There was an emptiness left.

Then I talked to my parents and they told me that my cousins young husband just passed in the night. They guy went to sleep and never woke up. I was shocked. He was much younger than me. Brings mortality back into our heads. I told myself that the treadmill is going to get started to being used very soon.

Went to work, come back and hear that my Father in law's closest friend passed away in the night too. Heard that a close friend, whose parents I adore, lost here grandmother.

It seemed life thre…

Is there a mobile revolution going on?

There is so much going on in the world these days related to the mobile phones. Maybe it was always there and I just did not happen to notice it.
It is an overwhelming feeling. Everywhere you turn you see something being done for the mobile phone. Every company is working on making the mobile experience as good as the one on the internet. Some examples -
- Yahoo has a great mobile application that you can download and then you can see all your calendar, addresses etc easily on the phone.
- Calorie king has launched CalorieKing Mobile, a great resource for me. Now when I am outside and decide to eat in a new place, I can quickly run the numbers through Calorie King database and know how much carbs I am having.
- Facebook is now trying to replicate their experience on the mobile. I can't wait for this to get done properly.

It is all very exciting. I am being tempted to create a mobile prescence for the website.

I hope someone out there is actually reading this blog on the …


I am ready to finally introdue my website,
I created the site to help me keep track of my numbers. I designed it to be useful for me such that I can check and enter my sugar data when and where I need. Putting the database on the web helps since now I do not have to translate everything inot a Excel spreadsheet.
I can also track my weight and A1C data on the same website.
Next I want to have better reports generated so that I can track things like how my fasting sugars are moving on average with my weight. Lots of cool data, but would need me to keep track of the information for atleast a couple of months.
The site is geared towards Type2 folks and only lets you track certain sugar numbers. For type 1 folks or the type 2 folks who really want to track more details, I would recommend trying out SugarStats. The SuagrStats folks seem to have a nice slick interface. Probably have more than one person working on their system.
Lets just get hold of our Diabetic lives. No reas…

My diabetes make my spouse feel trapped

I have had diabetes for over 2 years now. Like any other diabetic this has been a nice roller coaster time. There are good coasting times and then there are those rocky times where nothing you do seems to calm your sugars down, and then you get stressed and sugars go whacko some more.

I all this time my spouse has been a great support. I did not realize how much that means. She has cooked great meals to help keep the sugars down. She has helped keep my focus on the things I need to do.

But lately things seem to be changing. There was a change in her attitude. She had been asking me to consider going on medications. Last week she finally told me that sometimes she feels trapped in by my disease. I was shocked at first, but then got OK with it in a few hours. Why should she not feel this way? After all she now has to deal with a person that suffers from a life long and possibly terminal disease. She gets to see me go through the mood changes as the sugars move around.

I think I realize tha…

Why can't I exercise

I do not know what is up with me. I have been making all sorts of excuses to not get on the treadmill. It is sitting in the garage with my Bowflex all disassembled all over it. So neither do I do my Bowflex, because I cannot even make 1 hour of free time in my day to assemble it. Neither does the whole clutter leave space to fold down the treadmill to start using it.
It is a perfect storm condition to not do any exercise. On top of that, I am freely eating peanut butter. No wonder the sugars beginning to creep up.
Got to get back into life and start again. Diabetes sure messes up with you. You are cognizant enough to know that you need to do something, but also not wanting to do something because without doing it, you know for sure that your days are numbered.