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Time to go hungry again

I came to California expecting to see sunny weather and lots of chances to take walks. Right now it is raining like crazy and has been like this for over 4 days. If I wanted to see rain, I would have stayed back in Seattle.
No walks + eating outside = high sugars

I am beginning to do some fasting. That seems like the only way to bring back the numbers in control.

Raise your hand if you were addicted to Carbs

I have been doing some self analysis in the last couple of days and discovering some interesting things about what drives me.

Looking back I am able to see some addictions in my life and one of them was to carbs. If there were different kinds of food in front of me, I would gravitate to the carbs. My carb of choice was rice, and that too white. I can remember salivating for them. I would eat multiple servings of the rice and always go back for seconds or sometimes even thirds. I remember not only being in love with my refined carbs, but also always searching them out. Lots of white flour, potatoes, rice. I loved sugary stuff and as I kept growing, I needed more sugar in everything to still feel sweet.

I remember adding a spoonful of sugar to a glass of orange juice. I would eagerly drink it up to get to the sugar, which would not have dissolved, at the bottom. Then I would eat the sugar with a spoon.

The good thing is that I was able to break the addiction once I got diabetes. I sometime…

Ever get bored out of your brains at a party

It happened to me. It was a party at my own house. Worked really hard to cookgreat food, planned out a fun time. There were atleast 20 people.
But it just took two people to take over a nice time and turn it into a boring evening. I am always amazed at people who do nothing but still want to control everything. These two folks, wanted to take over the whole evening with an agenda of their own. Instead of enjoying the evening, they spent it all trying to make plans for how many more times we should all meet up the rest of the year. I was bored to my bones. Why would I want to take this great boredom with me to a vacation with them? So I graciously vanished from the room and the discussion.

What does this have to do with diabetes -
1) I look back at the evening and see a bunch of people who are in their middle age, eat a bunch of carbs, they choose to ignore the healthy stuff, and then just want to sit down and chat. Call me crazy, but my high sugar diabetic radar was jingling. I wanted …

How my fasting sugars went up by 16 points in just 25 days

I know this is uncanny and totally depressing.

It all started as the Christmas vacation started to approach.

Before the vacation season, I was eating good, doing my bowflex, feeling those abs tighten. Weight was beginning to drop.

My fasting numbers were down to just under 120.

Then stuff started to happen. My Metfornin finished. I told the pharmacy to refill a prescription but there were so many errors that it over 20 days to get it all sorted out. My sister landed in town, my stress level went up. She hounded me on my diet and I actually abandoned it. Exercise went for a toss. House got loaded with bad food. Spent a lot of time in the mall walking slowly in the sea of humanity.

My fasting numbers climbed up to 135+.

I can feel those abs slowly vanishing. I have resolved to get it all back. But I am surprised by how fast the numbers climbed up. Goes to show that there is no respite in the fight against type 2 diabetes.

What not to get a diabetic as a gift....

I have been off the blog grid for a while. It was very busy month. I had my sister visit and dealing with family is always a hard time. I will blog more about how my sugars are all messed up now, but today I want to concentrate on what chaos they led to with the gifts they got.

So the first morning when my dear sister is over, she brings out a her first batch of gifts, and they were --- chocolates. I was a little amazed to see they mountain of chocolates that she brought out to the house of a type 2 diabetic. I made excuses for her saying that it was something she got for the kids. But a couple would have been good. It was a bunch. And to top it all, her husband is a diabetic, she is pre diabetic and she is a doctor. What am I missing here?

I made through the first day. Put all the chocolates that were not consumed fast in out of sight places. Then she wakes up and says, brother I brought you some stuff you would love to eat. She brings out about 8 packs of precooked stuff, which are al…