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A reminder from mother nature

Mother nature sure has a nice way of reminding you of your place and status every once in a while.

Last week after the great doctors visit I was beginning to get cocky. I thought to myself, now I have a lot better control on diabetes, now I can live the rest of my life with no medicine. I thought in my head that I had it beat and am on top of it and dreamt of possibly reversing the disease.

So while in this halo I went to the temple to celebrate a Hindu festival - Janamastami, the birth of lord Krishna.

I sat there with my family watching other eat since I rarely eat at the temple anymore, too many carbs. Then I saw an acquaintance walk in using a walking stick. This guy was healthy just an year ago when I had seen him. I asked what happened and he said Diabetes. Still cocky I assumed that he must been having trouble since he was not watching himself. So I ask him what exactly happened. He said that he was keeping very good control on his sugars (strike one on my cockiness). Then he had…

Good Sugar control, a cure for baldness?

Before folks get all excited about this, no this is not because of any scientific study out there. This has been my experience.
Before I got diagnosed with Diabetes a year ago, I had been loosing hair on the head at a very accelerated rate. It seemed like days of baldness were coming on really fast. Friends were beginning to comment on how my hair was going away fast. Some had theories like I was working too much, or that having kids was taking its toll.
I know I will go bald eventually as my father is a baldy. I expect loosing hair slowly, but the pace was picking up.
Then I ran into Diabetes and took control of diet and health. Then a month ago I noticed some of the fellow hair loosing guys comment on the fact that my hair seemed to be coming back. Most thought that I must be using some medicine, which I wasn't. Some cursory research into the look did seem like I was getting back a fuller set of hair on my head. It was weird.
This is my theory about this. The hair is a indication o…

New numbers looking good

Met up with my doctor yesterday. It was the three month checkup to see how I am doing.
My A1C numbers came out at 6.4. I was very happy. It dropped from 6.8 the previous time to 6.4. The hard work is paying off.
It was a good visit. Confirmed my belief that I am the right track. My sugars are still a little bit higher, but the diet and the minimal amount of exercise are definitely making an impact.
We talked about my metfornin usage and I told him about not taking it. The doc says that I have proven that I do not need the medicine as yet so I can stay off it.
He congratulated me on my tight control and was pleased. Told me to keep it up. Did warn me that I should keep things in control as traditionally diabetes is a progressively worsening disease and if a tight control is not maintained it gets harder to keep under control in the long run.
One other piece of advise was to start an aspirin regimen. I have been thinking about this one tool. Especially since I found out that Diabetics are…