Are all the meters the same

For the last year I was happily using the Freestyle Flash meter. It was nice and small and working great for me. But I was having to pay 35 copay with 100 test strips everytime. So my insurance sent me a letter that I could save some money by using one of the other recommended products. They had a couple there but not Freestyle. I decide to try out the Aviva Accu-Check meter. It promised to use the least amount of blood and faster results, almost as good as my freestyle. And the insurance copay would drop to 15, which would save me $20 each month, which is $120 for the year. Money that I guess I could invest in companies doing some research into diabetes or related medical activities., I am thinking Acusphere.

So anyway, I get this new meter in mail, with no charge to me ofcourse. I finally take it out and take a look at this humongous meter and a pen shaped poking device. I load the lancet device and keep on trying to draw some blood from my forearm, my chose site. I could never get more than a small small amount, which was not enough for the meter. I was ready to give up and go back to the Freestyle. Then my wife challenged me to try and use the new stuff. She said that it could not really be that hard. And reminded me of how it took us a couple of weeks to get used to the Freestyle too. Made me realize that we can all very easily become creatures of habit.

So I used the noodle and thought of an idea. Lets use the lancet device from freestyle that I love and use the meter from Accucheck. By now the big bulky meter was actually feeling more comfortable to hold and maneuver. It seemed to be designed such that I can hold it steady in either hand. The mix and match approach worked great and now I am on the new meter and enjoying it.

So my recommendation for those whose want to use AccuCheck Aviva is that go ahead with it. You might want to experiment with the lancet devices from various other meters to find the one that fits you and your style of poking yourself.


Johnboy said…
Hm...maybe just a matter of preference, but I really love that Multiclix lancing device that comes with the Accuchek Aviva, but much prefer the compactness of the Freestyle Flash monitor.

As for pure meter functionality, I love the reporting in the One Touch Ultrasmart (because I'm a data nerd) and the stips are better covered by my insurance, but it doesn't have a strip light which I love about the FS Flash and is bulkier, of course.

And while we are on the subject of insurance, why doesn't Abbott do a better job of negotiating with the insurance formularies to get it's Freestyle supplies covered? Hmm?

While I'm not sure I agree with the premise that all meters are the same, I'm glad you brought up the topic.

Why can't one meter and lancing combination be perfect, anyway? Maybe because we are all individuals with our own preferences??

Ellen said…
Why Acusphere? What are they doing diabetes related?

BTW, did you see the research in Italy and Australia with encapsulated islets?
Megan said…
I do the same thing as Johnboy- I use the Flash meter with the Multiclix device. Have you tried using the Multiclix on your finger? It's really not bad.
Anil said…
Interesting stuff. Looks like others like the MultiClix device. I shall give it one more try.
I do not check on the fingers, I do my forearms. For some reason I am not able to prick the fingers. Maybe I am just finiky.
Johnboy said…
Anil, IMO the Multiclix doesn't really work that well off the fingers. works GREAT on the fingers. I can hardly feel it.

If you are testing on the arms you may want to stick with the Freestyle lancing device.

Try it and see what you think.
Kerri. said…
Mixing and matching the diabetes gadgetry could very well be a hobby of mine. Having used upwards of ten different meters over the last two decades, my medicine cabinet looks like a patchwork quilt of attempted A1c lowerings.

Does anyone know where you can donate old glucose meters? Or if the super old ones (like the dinosaurish Accu-Check meter from 1986) should instead be donated to science?

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