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A new use for all the sugar lying around

Now I have diabetes and I have no use for all the sugar that I used to eat. What do we do with all this extra stuff that is still being produced?
Well here come our friends at Sony with a solution. They have developed a battery that runs off sugar.
Read all about it -;_ylt=AoulhoduMbGmXQH233ksOUAjtBAF

The stress associated with a regular doctors visit

I know it makes no sense. You would think that after two years of seeing the doctor regularly, one would be used to the idea of getting the results of the latest blood test. But I still get anxious. It starts a couple of days before the visit, when I have to start planning my trip to the lab. I do a 12 hour fast and land up in the morning at the lab for my set of blood draws. Then I setup an appointment with the do c a couple of days after so that the results are in.

Then there is the wait in his office reception area, then the wait for him to come into the room and then finally you get to hear what the results are.

Of the 10 times I have been on this routine in the last 2 years, I have only had one bad experience. This should make me feel secure, but I don't. Outside, I remain cheerful to the rest of the world, nonchalant as usual. Inside I cringe and worry if the numbers are trending wrong. If my feet will stop feeling responses from his needle pricks, if my cholesterol would have…

My experiments with high sugars

It was not by choice that I did these experiments. Lots of things were happening in my life which led to a multitude of issues. I was gaining weight, I could not exercise, my stress level was up, minor depression was setting in. I figured we are going in, might as well treat it as an experience. So I started watching for changes as my average sugars started shooting up. It was not uncommon to see 200's two hours after meals.

First, my feet start to hurt. I had a weird pain in the balls of my feet. They were constantly hurting. It was as if someone put a needle in there all hight long. The pain would be worst in the morning after waking up and also after any period of rest.

Second, I start to get blurriness in my vision. There seems to be nothing wrong with my glasses. The vision deteriorates as the day goes by. Seeing in the night gets to be a strain on the eye, especially when I am driving.

Third, I started to get more depressed. Where a couple of weeks ago a 200 on the meter would …

Returning to the world of blogging, finally...

Finally time to come back. Last few weeks have been hectic. I have not had so much family over in such short time in the last few years.

Lots of interesting things came out of the visits. The stress hit the roof, food intake took off with the constant craving for cheesecake.

Needless to say the sugars were out of the roof. Seeing a number over 200 become normal!!!

More on this interesting study of my own self in the coming week... so stay tuned.