Weight Loss a big help for Type 2 Diabetes

Recently saw a great write up on a study done by "The Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group" on he impact of Lifestyle changes ( read ways to reduce your weight ) and Metfornin.

Lots of technical details here :

Here are some interesting part of the results : 

Changes in weight and proinsulin over time were strong predictors of diabetes, with decreased weight and decreased proinsulin predicting a lower hazard of diabetes in all treatment arms.
Clearly weight is a predictor. So what happens when we can control this. See the next snippet about what lead to lower risk:

 Interestingly, we found that change in weight was an important factor, with greater weight loss translating to lower risk. In addition, improved insulin sensitivity was also associated with a decrease in the risk of developing diabetes, with the lifestyle intervention again being the most effective. I have some friends who clearly cannot afford to loose w…

The Bane of High A1C Numbers

And yet agin the rise of the A1C comes along to remind me that not all is right in the diabetic world.

I have seen my A1C dance in a lazy wave pattern as it jumps between two different high numbers. I am back on a watch your diet  you fool and a get some exercise you lazy man path.

A Cure Please : A plea to our Scentists

A CURE Please Request for our Scientists
Dear Scientists,
Please try to find a cure for this disease that has so many of your fellow human beings re suffering with.
We are tired of you coming up with one way to keep things in control to another. Each pill or injection you design for us is appreciated, but it is just another way to control, but not cure.
Your truly,
Hopeful and Thankful

Staying the course on July 4th

It is a day of celebrations, of barbecues, or food, fun, play in the park.

For the Seattle folks, it is really the start of summer and we are all out enjoying the day and meeting outside in parks.

Life is good, there is good weather, there are fiends, there is the beautiful outdoors.

There are lots of food choices. Unfortunately so many of them are carbs and sugars.
For me this is the the hardest as I am a carb craver.

Here is what I feel like today:

You cannot give yourself Diabetes

Bias I am always amazed by what sometimes I get to hear from people. There is so much bias against folks who have diabetes, especially Type 2. People seem to think that Type 1 is a genetic issue, so it is something you get, not something that you chose to get into.
But a lot of people think that Type 2 is something you give yourself. I have heard statements like, do not eat sugar, you will give yourself Diabetes. Sad to hear people in their own way have a boas toward folks who are diabetic. There are all kinds of diabetics. They come from all cultures and regions of the world. They come in all shapes, colors, religions and sexual orientation. 
Last week, Mick Mulvaney, the US President Trump's budget chief, tried to suggest that diabetics deserve what they got:
Dear Mr Mulvaney, please do not perpetuate such biases from a position of power. We did not choose this for ourselves. We are not wanting s…

Haiku For My Diabetes

My Diabetes Type Two
Makes Me Strong And Curious
Life Without Disease

- Anil

Looking at Diabetes Type 2 as treatable

Been researching about the idea of getting control on my diabetes using food and exercise again.
Life was interesting when I tried this almost 13 years ago. I was eating loads of processed meats and no carbs and it seemed like it was working, but the end results were not that great.

So now, I start to see a whole new crop of data out here in the web. I am getting motivated to try this approach: