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And I thought that the surgery was going to be hard...

If you are starting the thread here, on Jan 12th my son went through a major surgery. He is just one year old. I was jittery and totally nervous about the experience. My previous post talked about my state after the procedure was done.

Then a couple of days later came the post-op shocker. The doctor had warned us that it is going to be rough, but I had no idea how tough it would get. We had to remove the bandages ourselves on Monday, which is totally insane. This would never happen in India. Only in the US does medical insurance try to skimp on all costs and have the patients be responsible for taking off bandages. It was a nightmare. The kid screamed so much that he lost his voice. There were three people working on him, two to contain him and the third, me, taking off the bandages. They were supposed to peel off, but they refused to. I had to call the physician on-call and have him be on the phone as he instructed me to take off one layer after another. Imagine peeling off bandages a…

Surgery makes me feel helpless

This post has nothing to do with diabetes. It is about another part of my life, my children. My son just went through a major surgery. He is just a year old. He was in the operating room for three hours. The eight hours I spent in the hospital with my wife were really really hard. I sat through that time and remembered the last time I waited for hours in the hospital, my dads triple bypass surgery.

Both the surgeries have left huge nightmares in my psyche. I am thankful for good doctors and being fortunate enough to be able to afford them and the nice hospitals that the procedures were done in. Surgeries are truly amazing advances of science for me. Being able to rebuild parts of a persons body and having them come out living and as normal as before, is a miracle that science brings to us.

But at the same time they also leave me feeling helpless. I think it is because you have no control left on the situation. For my son, it was really acute. I am one of the primary care takes for the k…

Time to take a new approach to diabetes management

Seeing President Bush taking a new approach to Iraq, I took a hard look at what I need to do to get my diabetes back into control.

It has been over 10 days into the new year and I have not gone on the treadmill even once. I am still eating more than what I should. Still not testing more than once a day.

Well, I think the current actions are not working. This is not going to lead to tighter control. So I am going to be making changes. I am going to take away choices. I will make it necessary to take a walk each day. Have to test after each meal. Restart keeping track of the sugars into some format, right not I will go back to my Excel spreadsheets.

I feel more confident of my new plan of action than President Bush's.
I pray for all the American soldiers and all the people in Iraq. They all deserve better that a violent life of war. May there be peace soon.

Waking up to the 130's

The new year is upon us. I have sworn to start waking up to the 120's. Right now I have managed to get it into the 130's. Not good but it is still better than the 140s that I was having in the last two weeks of December.

I hate waking up to higher sugars. It really messes up my mood for the rest of the day. And the fact that your body is hurting like someone beat you up in the night, is another unpleasant sensation. There are too many mysteries for me related to higher sugars. Body aches, odd sensations in the legs and hands, unclear vision, ringing in the ears.

But I am setting the goal to reduce the morning sugars and will reach it by the end of the month.

My first e-mail blog posting

I am trying out the feature where you can e-mail to blogger and have it
post to the site automatically. I figured as part of the new year, I am
going to learn more about blogging and all the features that are
available. I have moved my blog fully over to the new blogger, including
migrate the template.
Also added myself into This is another way to get blog
entries e-mailed to you. Cool new technology. Next I would like to
explore Some social networking through e-mails will be
good. I have been wondering of there is anyone out there podcasting
about diabetes. Would be interesting to find out.