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You cannot give yourself Diabetes

Bias I am always amazed by what sometimes I get to hear from people. There is so much bias against folks who have diabetes, especially Type 2. People seem to think that Type 1 is a genetic issue, so it is something you get, not something that you chose to get into.
But a lot of people think that Type 2 is something you give yourself. I have heard statements like, do not eat sugar, you will give yourself Diabetes. Sad to hear people in their own way have a boas toward folks who are diabetic. There are all kinds of diabetics. They come from all cultures and regions of the world. They come in all shapes, colors, religions and sexual orientation. 
Last week, Mick Mulvaney, the US President Trump's budget chief, tried to suggest that diabetics deserve what they got:
Dear Mr Mulvaney, please do not perpetuate such biases from a position of power. We did not choose this for ourselves. We are not wanting s…