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Methi seeds (aka Fenugreek) lead to weight loss

I am spending a week with my in laws and they have some older family visiting from India. As usual in such a setting we always discuss health especially speculating why I would have gotten diabetes at such a young age.

So in all this, there seems to be a great amount of talk about methi seeds. These are seeds of the plant also known as fenugreek in other parts of the world. The latest consensus from these folks seems to be that if you start eating a spoon of this stuff each morning, you are bound to loose weight.

So when I get back home in a couple of days, I am going to go back to a tougher regimen of food and bring back overnight soaked methi seeds into my diet.

Luckily, I have managed my food intake well while I am here. I have not gained a single pound. But it was achieved with a lot of starvation. I am trying to keep a four hour gap between meals and no carbs after 8:00 pm.

New screening services now popping up

One of the things that I regret is not having been on top of my regular yearly tests. If I would have been doing those, then I think I could have caught my diabetes in the pre-diabetes stage and controlled it. At least I like to think that I could have controlled it.

Now I see new businesses come up to screen for specific diseases. Not a bad idea. So if you think it is hard to get tested for the whole thing with your doctor, you can get yourself screened regularly by one of these places. I found this one -
Interestingly some of the places that pop up near my zip code are a fitness club and lots of churches. At a cursory glance this might seem weird, but I think it is perfect. Fitness clubs are a great place for this service. Folks going there are health conscious or trying to be and this can be a great addition.

Churches, Temples, Mosques are another great place as folks are receptive to the idea of keeping up their health. Maybe the religious organizations can work wit…