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Me, a Pill Popper? Yes I am !!

I was talking to my mom last night. She is a Type2 diabetic and is currently on Insulin. I asked her if she is exercising and if she is taking her multivitamins with extra calcium. She said that she is trying to go for a walk each day now that the weather is improving. But she is not eating her multivitamins. She said that she does not want to pop yet another pill.

Got me thinking. I sometimes feel like I am very anti medication when it comes to taking presciption medicines for controlling my diabetes, but every day I am eating -
1) Fiber supplements
2) Multivitamin
3) Fish Oil
4) Cinnamon tablets.
When you see it from my perspective I think that I am not popping any pills to control my disease. And then I take the view of my family watching me after dinner put 4 vitamin tablets into my mouth. They sure see me as popping pills. I am religiously taking these because I believe that they are making it easier to control my sugars.

So am I a pill popper or not???? I would like to say that is a ma…

Another Diabetes School Care Act Enacted

My eyes caught this news report today. A legal act was enacted in Indiana, a state in the US.
Diabetes School Care Act in Indiana

Couple of odd thoughts come to mind.

First, why does an act like this have to be created. It feels bad to know that the awareness for diabetes is still so little that specific acts have to get created to achieve some simple care for kids in school.
Second, thank you for ADA, the American Diabetes Org for making something like this possible. And thanks to all the volunteers. But what about the hundreds of millions of people not in the US. Who is looking after their interests?
Third, isn't there a better way to achieve this than through legal acts. I wonder how much money was spent to get this act through. In the back of my mind I also question if some of the drug companies sponsored any of this. Did they give money in the hope of selling more of their products?

Shrinking the stomach

From all the reports I read, the stomach is a pretty important piece of the diabetes type2 puzzle. So I have been thinking about it for a while. Seems like I am always worried about shrinking it. There are two ideas of stomach in my mind -
The External Stomach
This is actually the belly as seen from outside. A large belly does not mean the organ is big internally, but that you have a lot of fat around your waist. This definitely needs to go down. Need to exercise and consume the fat off the body to get this to shrink.

The internal stomach
This is the actual organ. This can get big too. Changes shapes. It is almost like an elastic that can be trained. You see a lot about the various operations folks are doing these days to shrink it. Some put a band on it, some put staples. Lots of things. I have been using fasting to get this down. I notice that slowly reducing your food intake does the trick. You will be hungry for about two weeks, but it works. In the last two weeks, I have brought it d…

The Diabetes OC ring is active

I have added the Diabetes Online Community Ring to my site. It is a really cool idea. Works for some to randomly look at diabetes related blogs. Give it a whirl.
Join in the ring if possible.

How does the phase of the moon impact my sugars?

Just kidding with the headlines. As of now there is no known connection between the phases of the moon and the blood sugars, but can we be certain?

This post is about the frustration I sometimes feel in understanding the sugars. You could eat the same thing two days in a row and the sugars could vary widely. It is very perplexing. I am constantly amazed by the researchers keep finding out on the blood sugar control. Minor amounts of physical movement, what you eat for breakfast, how much sleep you got, any small amount of stress you feel, anything could be impacting the blood sugars.

There are days I feel like I understand and can master this. And then there are days like today when it confuses you totally. I think today I am going to relax and try not to think about it. After all stressing about not understanding why your sugars are high will only lead to higher sugars, won't it !!!!

Good morning 132!!

I woke up to a morning sugar of 132. For some this is probably great and for other it is probably really bad.

For me, this was excellent after a whole week of waking up in the 150s. I have had a bad cold and a really sore throat. Did not feel really hungry but had a constatnt aching body. So I was not really eating bad stuff, but was surely not moving around either.

I am not sure what the colds have to do with higher sugars, but for a good four days, food or no food, the sugars kept thenselves in the 150's or higher, all the way till 210s. I was checking 4 times a day.

I am glad to be getting back to normal. Hopefully today was not a anaomaly and the suagrs stay in the 130s.