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Achieving change with small steps ove time

It is a lesson that I seem to have to keep getting once in a while.
Sometimes I want the changes to come fast, infact really fast. I put in a lot of effort, then I get discouraged when the results are not what I would like to see and then obviously I end up quitting the stuff and basically give up.

I read somewhere that it take about 6 months for a habit to change. So the idea is to make small change into the habit or the behavior and then let it soak into the routine of life for about 6 months and then you make more smaller changes.

Sometimes I think that 6 months is a long time, but then when I think back, 6 months was march this year. It is not that long of a time.

Daily walks are working for me

I have started using the bus to go to work. I started it in the month of September and I have managed to keep it up. It has added more time to my commute, but also gives me a chance to walk about 40 mins a day and I get to relax and listen to music on the bus.

So now I am not getting a lot of sleep, still just 5-6 hours a day, but I am not in danger of a car wreck or anything since someone else is driving me.

This seems to be potentially beneficial deal for me. Hopefully I can continue it in the winter months, especially when it starts to rain in Seattle.

Latest Numbers in...Good but can be better

Got my latest A1C, it came out as 6.8
It has dropped from 7.0 the last time I checked, but I was hoping for lower.
Also I have gained 3 more pounds in the last 6 months, which is not so good.

So the quest to get healthier continues...

Tomorrow I know how the summer really went on my sugars

I am going in to see the doctor tomorrow. I will get the results of the various tests. I have not been in for almost 6 months now. Bot good.

Like always there is a little nervousness. Not sure what to expect. I am always a little worried that my A1C would have gone through the roof. My triglycerides would be too high...I might need to get onto some newer medications.

My blood pressure is al;ways high when I go in to see him. I am nervous. I have tried some relaxation techniques, but they leave me really fast once I am in there.

But most of the time once he tells me the results I am all calm. Then you have the data and you can start to work on a program to make it better for yourself.

Being positive through a long weekend

I know that when the long weekend rolls up I start to feel like I need time..yada..yada ...and start to slip into the familiar negative regions.

So I am going to avoid it all this time with these ideas -

1) Monitor my mood -
I will watch as I change from a happy positive person and figure out ways to life my mood. There is so much good to look at and bask in.
2) Think of the Sun -
I will think about all the good that God has given in my life and not let the current situation with the difficulties keep me down. I will put my trust in God (This is going to be the hardest , to just let go). I have been blessed with lots of good time in the past and will have a lot of good time in the future. I need to trust and do all the things that I need to do to weather through this set of difficulties.
3) Clear your mind -
Another idea that I can already see the benefits for. I will not focus on the negatives. It is hard, but I will push negative thoughts aside and meditate on all the good.