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Do you have times when you just want to feel bad?

I find myself hitting these days quite regularly. I seem to go into a mode where I just want to feel bad. I keep focusing on all the negatives., It is funny, in this mode, I can take the best things and put a really really negative twist on them.

It is funny that 10 years ago I was the totally diametrically opposite person. I would always look at everything in a positive light. I would twist any situation to be a positive experience.

Not sure what changed me from a glass half full man to a glass half empty person.

Having diabetes does not help the situation at all. Fighting this disease all day 24 hours, 365 days a year is a easy fodder to think negatively.

I almost did not want to write this post as it would reflect negatively on me some day. A blog is a life long view into your life. But then not writing it would make me feel untrue to my intentions of letting others know what it means to be Living With Diabetes !!!!

My plan to get out of these blues

It has been a really blue few months. So two weeks ago I decided to change it all. It helped that the weather in Seattle turned for the better :-)

So here is a three pronged approach -
1) Start regular exercise. This is a proven way to help you feel better. You have more energy and feel like you accomplished something good for yourself. Looking better helps you feel better. Better control on the sugars are always a nice plus.

2) Read some uplifting stuff. I told myself that I would read the Bhagwad-Gita and The Power of Positive Thinking.

3) Spend more time with family. I was beginning to divide my time into really small chunks and was ending up doing family time during work timings and work during family. I am changing this to come back to a normal schedule so that I can do justice to both.

So now with these ideas in my head, I embark on the journey to come out of the blues. I am feeling better already knowing that I have a plan.

Trying to get back into life (on Blogger too)

I have been not blogging for a while. Lots of weird stuff going on in my life.
First, I started having trouble with the eyes and had to go through a eye laser treatment. Was totally bummed out.
Then I started to realize that I am getting depressed. Once I realized that, it just drained all my energy and sent me into a nice spiral into the dark end. Now I am recovering and trying to crawl back out.
Lots of interesting insights into myself as I pull myself out. Will be talking more on that.