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And some more sugar numbers

For dinner I had some cheesecake, I skipped the bread. 2 hours later 196. Holy crap. I cleaned up dishes for another hour to get some physical activity in. The throbbing headache slowly melted away.
Woke up in the morning, the sugars are 142.
So anothe depressing day starts. Maybe the kids will cheer me up after they wake up.

Sometimes reaching new hights is depressing

So today I have manged to see an even higher number on my meter.
Wakeup check - 144
2 hours after breakfast - 267
2 hours after lunch - 178
Have not had dinner as yet.

This is reallly depressing. I am not getting enough sleep. Work is piling on. Sugras are piling up. Not sure what the A1C numbers will be. Got to get a handle here.

If only I can reset some things and start over.....but then I would miss out on all the fun of putting things back together again....this life is something....I have heard about a site called like you can reincarnate yourself into a new online person....sounds like a good idea....

And I hit a 200

Finally today I decided that it is time to start monitoring the sugars
rigorously. So I checked 2 hours after breakfast - 206.
Interestingly I do not feel any high sugar symptoms. My theory, In the last few weeks the body has gotten so used to higher sugars that now 200 does not bother it.
Body, be Scared and Warned !!!!
I am planning to get back to living in the 140s...

Still swinging in the high 130s and low 140s

My morning sugar number are still hanging in there. Have not managed to
get them down, but also managed to keep them there.
Got a couple of theories on why the numbers are higher -
1) Put on some extra weight on the waist. The scale does not show it,
but the pants do. I think some muscle is converting into fat. Have not
been exercising and also been drinking full fat milk.
2) No exercise. Will be corrected now.
3) Extra stress hangover from the last couple of weeks recovering my son
from his surgery. The good thing is that he is doing better and now some
of that stress is going away, but has left a deep emotional scar on all
of us.Looking forward to better days/mornings ....