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And the latest numbers are -

A1C was 6.8.
LDL - 124
HDL - 38

I feel a little bummed about this. I was expecting a lower A1C. Also hoping for a better LDL and a higher HDL. But I am going to look at this positively, atleast it was not worser.
The doctor was concerned that my fasting sugars are coming higher, mostly over 120. They are in the 130s most of the day. He thinks I need to consider going on some sort of medicine to be taken with supper that will keep my fasting sugars low by controlling the lever. I suspect this might happen is I cannot take control.

I am experimenting with some dinner foods now. Maybe add some protein and reduce the carbs consumed in the evening. Also need to get exercise wagon started. Luckily with the summer here, it is easier to take walks, but that does not seem to help the night sugars. Walks and other stuff keeps the daytime sugars in control.

Getting ready for a doctor visit

The time is approaching to go see the doc for the three month checkup. This is going to be the fourth visit for the year, which means that my diabetic anniversary is coming up. Kind of have mixed emotions about this whole year.
In some ways it went really slowly and lots of adjustments in life with the disease.
And in a lot of ways it went really fast and an year is already over.
What do I expect, I expect the A1C to be around 6.5.
What about the next year -
1) Have to reduce 10 pounds of weight.
2) Have to setup the bowflex and build some muscle.
3) Do more regular exercise.