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I wish the body, brain and heart followed rules set by the person

Sometimes I wish that there was a stronger system of control on the human system.

It would be nice to decide what you want the whole combo to do.

I would Iike -
- The body to want to feel stronger and more muscular.
- The heart to be warmer to others feelings
- The brain to control cravings for things..

Morning sugars on the rise, vaction catching up

I feel my time off and being far away from home is catching up.

I feel a lot more lazy and seem to be like and outsider who is watching a show of another persons sugars slowly creeping higher.

Things are a little out of control and I am on vacation

Funny how you imagine life in the vacation time when you are planning for it.

I had imagined myself having time to have great diet and choose the right foods and make some since now I have to time. I had thought that I would be exercising at least an hour each day. I had imagined a active life with time outside with the kids.

So what do I really have two weeks into the vacation -
I feel more bloated and can feel a definite increase in the waist size.
I am spending much more time lazying around the house.
I am not eating better, but worser and moving lesser, so the sugars are touching new heights.

Now to wrestle the control back and take control of my mind, body, time and vacation.