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Drugs and Side affects - Actos this time

I have always been cautious of drugs that I take.

My philosophy is that I want the drug to be in the market for atleast 10 years before I am willing to consider taking it. The only logic behind this is that that is ample time to start to hear about any serious issues. It is not foolproof but seems to make sense to me.

I continue to be amazed by the issues related to medicines that keep coming up.

The latest controversy is about Actos. Some serious side effects have been identified.
Check out this article on - 

The FDA announced that there might be risk while taking this medicine. But most doctors are taking a wait and watch attitude -

I do not take this medication, so not sure what I would do in this case. But everyone taking this medication should have a serious chat with their doctors.

Returning to the blog

It has been a long time since I blogged. Last weekend I had some inspiration from someone who accidentally discovered this and used some of the information and I remembered why I started this in the first place. So I will start pthis blog up all over again.