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Update on Metfornin

So now I have had 2 weeks on this medication. Here are some of the things that I am dealing with -

1) My highs seem to have gone higher. Same food, but the high has jumped from 180's to 240's. Not sure if this is related to the medication.
2) Gastrointestinal problems seem to come and go. Some days I have almost painful gas and other days nothing. I am going to try some of the ideas sent by others like eating the medication in the middle of supper.
3) Odd stuff happening to the body. Every once in a while I get a odd feeling. Almost reminds me of hypoglycemia that I used to experience with Glyburide. But I checked my sugar, it was 180. So it was not low sugars, must be something related to the medication.

The fasting sugars have not dipped yet, but I am willing to wait.

Starting up on Metfornin

My A1C numbers were just not to my liking. I am also having trouble keeping up with the strict diet. When you hit issues you realize how much of the support structure you need around yourself to have a good diabetic friendly regimen.

So anyway, I am giving up the fight without any medication for a little while. I am string off on Metfornin. The doctor put me on 500 mg during dinner. We will wtach and adjust as we go.

I have been on the medication for a week now. Not much change, but right now I have a lot more gastrointestinal issues. They say it can take about a month for your system to adjust. So a new experiment begins...

Coffee helps my diabetes type2

Lately the news lines are again talking about how coffee can reduce the risk of diabetes. This has been going on for a while. Here is an article from the ADA about this issue -
ADA on Coffee

I think that some amount of coffee does help me manage my type2 diabetes. And the reason it helps me has nothing to do with any ingredients in the drink. It is to do with what the drink does to me. Here are my two reasons -
Reason 1 - I am lazy by nature. So given a chance I would like to sit down and rest. Having a cup of coffee gives me a reason to get up, make the cup and drink it. Then when the caffeine kicks in, it gets harder to just sit around, so I get more active and this helps keep sugars down.
Reason 2 - When sugars actually go high, it seems like I am wearing a lead suit. This is when I go to coffee for sure. I need some way of keeping myself up and not just falling asleep. I have tried the dowsing off thing, but it does nothing to the sugars. You have to get active instead. It is weird, …

The rising oil prices are affecting my sugars

This is a purely satirical piece, so do not take it seriously :-)

Lately my sugar numbers are just off the roof. I am seeing numbers like 240, 250 on the meter.
Lately the oil prices are just off the roof too. The price of a gallon of oil has crossed $80.

Once you cross a limit, it never seems shocking again. Now a number over 200 for my blood sugar gets a response...bah humbug...I will live. Same with the process of oil over 80, response is ...whatever...if I cannot afford it, I will not travel...

So what do the two have in common...
1) They have both broken through some limits and now the numbers will never phase me as they rightly should.
2) They might have an impact on each other. If I can get myself motivated right, to reduce my sugars, I would walk or bike to work, thus consuming lesser gas, thus making a small dent in the gas consumption and reduction in the price. In the same way, a higher gas price can motivate me to take the bike to work, thus bringing down the sugar levels.

Now, …

Watch out, a run away A1C

Last six months has been crazy with my A1C swings.

6 months ago, my lab result said A1C was 7.8. I was shocked. Promised myself that I would take better care of food and exercise.

3 months ago the lab check said A1C was 6.4. I was beginning to relax.
Then came a bunch of family and a lot of stress related to them and work.

So last week I get by blood test, A1C numbers are now at 7.6

This is very depressing.

Burger King surprises me

I mostly like to eat at McDonalds. I tend to go for the Fish sandwich or the double quarter pounder. I seem to do good with either one of them. Sugars are a little higher since I eat the whole bun, but the large amount of protein in the burger seems to compensate. I tend to be under 160 two hours after the food. A little bit of exercise and the numbers are lower.

Yesterday while on the road, I got really hungry and Burger King was convenient. I decide to try them out. They had a new stacker series, I went for the two patty one. It also came with a slice of cheese and some bacon in it. The buns seem to be a little smaller than the ones in MD. But the taste was excellent. Not sure what the sauce had but the taste was delicious. It was good enough to want to come back again. MD, if you are listening, you might want to make things more tasty. The sugars were not shappby eiter,. I was 150 after basically eating the food and sitting in the car.

The BK burger has 32 g of carbs in it. Here is m…