Diabetic Infancy

Here I am sitting with the new infant trying to burp him while my mind is searching fir ideas to cut down my carbs some more and it hits me, I am now an infant myself, I am a diabetic infant.

It is uncanny, but life as a diabetic seems to be a rebirth experience. Each day you learn something new. It seems like nothing is in your control and you are being taken care of by other people and things. You are taking small bites of food, trying to figure out what works for you.

There are so many new things to learn. Contemplate and adopt. Eating habits have to change, exercise habits have to change. The concept of relaxation has to be redefined. TV watching has to be made an exercise somehow. Can't really eat out in any restaurant anymore. No more pigging out on cakes and pies. I do think about my mommy more.

The flip side is the ability to take delights in small pleasures. Discovering that a McDonald's California Cobb salad without the dressing is very filling and excellent for sugar control. Taking out the bike for a ride in the neighborhood park, is not only enjoyable, but also a great exercise. Eating better and exercise start to make you look better and feel like a million dollars. Sugar control raises the energy levels to a new highs. Exercising the mind control to reduce stress now makes is easier to coast through some of the ups and downs of this life.

It would be interesting to see the next few years. I wonder if three years from now I would still be controlling the numbers with diet and exercise or will I be on a drug. And not just the sugar control drugs, but also the statins and the blood pressure ones. They are all always looming in the background, ready to make you a customer. And the drug companies know that getting you in your infancy guarantees an adult customer.


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