Nyquil got to my diabetes

I have been battling a cold and cough that is really getting to me. The pains in the back are finally gone and today I was able to get back on the treadmill.
I had an interesting experience a couple of days ago. To finally be able to sleep, I decided to take Nyquil to get a good sleep. My after dinner sugar number was 151. I took Nyquil later in the night before I went to sleep. Did not eat anything before that. Woke up in the morning and checked my sugars, I was at 157. It was shocking. My morning fasting sugars tend to be in the 120's, not good, but atleast I can predict them. This was totally out of the blue and threw me into a really bad day of high sugars.
Now what really happened. I kept thinking about this. I realized it must have been the Nyquil. It has alcohol in it and all is very sweet. The sugars must have gotten to me. I was amazed at my ignorance. I never thought about checking the contents of the medication. I keep looking at all the foods that I eat, but the medication I forgot about.
Everyday is a new lesson to learn. I learn now that I need to think and evaluate anything I put into me for sugars. I see a bunch of diabetic friendly cough and cold medication that I could and should have taken. But atleast I learnt my lesson and will be careful going forward.


Kathleen Weaver said…
It probably wasn't JUST the Nyquil, but the cold also.

Any illness is going to elevate blood sugar.

Of course, one of those things that helped you sleep was the higher blood sugar.
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xango said…
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Anonymous said…

your really ignorant if you think 150s is bad?

that would be amazing if i thought i could stay under 150 all the time.
Anonymous said…
Actually yes, a fasting blood sugar of 157 is pretty damn high, considering a target of 80 to 120 is ideal. And anyone who thinks that someone who is trying to keep there glucose under tight control is ignorant may soon wake up with serious complications from uncontrolled diabetes.
Anonymous said…
Since the person mention being a type 2 diabetic 157 is still good. I agree with person saying, would be amazing if i thought i could stay under 150 all the time. However, if you are not diabetic then 80 to 120 is ideal range, although a person that exercise and eat the healthy "may" be in that range too.
Angela Bosley said…
I agree with you, but it varies my husband low is 175 anything under he get hyperglycemic
Anonymous said…
I have also observed it . Nyquil consistently causes my Fasting blood sugar > 150 when my normal is close to 120.


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