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And I have a great Sugar day...till now

I wake up to my best number in years - 106.
I go to the gym.
Come back, have a nice breakfast. Check again after 2 hours -
I have not seen a two digit sugar number is ages....I am all jazzed up and guess what..
The destructive self is wanting to intervene.
My brain is suggesting that I go for a nice subway sandwich on the garlic bread....
I should be going for a salad instead....

The Yo-Yo of weight, me rolling at the end of the string

So now I have gained 5 pounds in the last month and a half.
This weekend I decided to stop being a victim to the weight again and decided to pull myself back up.
I have started the exercises back up again, but controlling the diet is still hard. But I know I will be able to do it.
One thing I am trying to do is to wear the clothes that were great fits when I had 5 lesser lbs. Now they are really tight and even uncomfortable. This is a constant reminder through the day.
Hoping to loose the 5 lbs in the next 5 weeks. Stay tuned.

Was it a good idea to avoid medications?

When I was first diagnosed with Diabetes, I was very stubborn and refused to get onto any medications. I told myself that each medication has a lot of side effects and I would rather control it with diet and exercise. I put all my faith in the fact that if I kept my A1C under 7.0, then I was good to go and over time managed to keep it that way. But then a couple of years I find myself with some damage in my eye, and my doctors seriously telling me to do more.

So now I stand here with medications in my hands. I am using both metfornin and glyburide. The combo is actually working pretty well for me. My sugars are doing great and my A1C is good and I do not feel any sugar highs. I do watch what I eat and try to exercise moderately.

I think back if the effort to stay off medications was worth it and I see a mixed bag. If I had not instituted the tight regime, I suspect I would be on a lot more medications. In some ways taking the medication is an easy way to get instant relief, but no life…

Men with Type2 Diabetes: Get your testosterone checked

I recently discovered that I was running low on the testosterone. This was kind of a shocker and so I started some discovery of the problem on the net. This is what I found interesting , if you are low on testosterone -
You feel lack of enrgy
You will be lethargic
Muscle development will be stunted

Now coupled with my Type 2 diagnostic, I am not sure if this and my diabetes are related or not.

Was it that I had lower T issues and this leaded to me being more lazier and led to diabetes creeping on me earlier than what I would have got it.
Was it the diabetes which is ravaging my system from the inside now leading to other complications.

Interestingly there is no clear data between your T levels and Blood Sugars. Looks like folks are beginning to look so maybe more data will emerge. I sure as heck would like to know.

So my fellow type 2 diabetics, go to the doctor and have them test your T levels. I am working on getting them higher and hope to see some better sugar control soon.

Glyburide for Type 2 Diabetes will make you fat

So I started back on glyburide once a day in the mornings. My sugars are definitely doing better now, but I have started to gain weight. Not sure what all is causing this.

I find myself stressing about getting a sugar low so I try and eat things more regularly. I definitely eat more carbs since I am worried that not enough is going to bring about a low.

I am eating more junk, especially sugary stuff. Part of it is my relaxation on the diet since I am eating more medication, but part of it seems to be an incredible urge to do so that does not seem to be in my control. I used to have urges before but I could get control on them in a day or two. This time it is over 2 weeks and still not slow down. Not sure if this is glyburide doing something internally, or my brain, or a combination.

Net effect of taking the medication, I am feeling a little more balanced through the day as my sugars are controlled, but the weighing balance is tending to move into the higher range.

Sigh, just another thing…