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Learning to wait !!

I am amazed by how much we in America have become accustomed to not waiting. It is in front of me with the long awaited release of Harry Potter book 7. All over the place there are people trying to get an advance copy of the book. Of all the possible folks, my trusted NY Times wrote a review of the book before it got released -
NYTimes Review before release.

This is just too sad. I would like to see the book and have a chance to read it. People trying to ruin it all around does not help. There seems to be a rat race going on to see who can first break the ending to the world legally.

How does this relate to diabetes? Not sure. All I know is this attitude of entitlement now is a big problem when dealing with Diabetes. I am learning to wait to see results of work. You have to exercise for a whole month before your weight starts to fall. You have to work hard on diet and exercise for 3 months before you see a fall in your LDL and A1C numbers. Things that come fast, like a craving to eat tha…