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Weight Loss a big help for Type 2 Diabetes

Recently saw a great write up on a study done by "The Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group" on he impact of Lifestyle changes ( read ways to reduce your weight ) and Metfornin.

Lots of technical details here :

Here are some interesting part of the results : 

Changes in weight and proinsulin over time were strong predictors of diabetes, with decreased weight and decreased proinsulin predicting a lower hazard of diabetes in all treatment arms.
Clearly weight is a predictor. So what happens when we can control this. See the next snippet about what lead to lower risk:

 Interestingly, we found that change in weight was an important factor, with greater weight loss translating to lower risk. In addition, improved insulin sensitivity was also associated with a decrease in the risk of developing diabetes, with the lifestyle intervention again being the most effective. I have some friends who clearly cannot afford to loose w…