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Keeping the control is harder this year

Went for a party last night. The temptations were out there. I resisted but it was hard. I feel that this year the urge to let go was more than before. Maybe the harsh reality of living with the restrictions all year round is now making it harder to keep it up at the end of the year when the temptations are at their finest.
I have another party to go tonight and I hope to keep my resolve.

Here comes the body whiplash

I knew this was coming. Woke up to a sugar of 140. Body is sore all over.
The pants are already feeling tight on the stomach. Looks like the tight control diet has to start before the new years party. Bummer, I was looking forward to a last splurge before the lean period.
Well got to do what you got to do. Cannot let this go out of hand. I can either put the brakes on now and be all back to normal by the middle of Jan, or else it might be mid Feb before life is back on track.
I sure am thinking hard about the new year resolutions.

Having a Merrry Christmas

I have been having a really good time during this Christmas. Lost of parties and get-togethers. Luckily most of them have lots of Chicken to eat. Folks are already aware that I will need protein so they make extra Chicken and some salad for me. Works out good.
I am still only tracking my morning fasting sugars. The numbers are coming between 118 and 135. A huge spread, but then so is the variety and timings of my food intake these days. I am happy at how the body is doing.
I know that January will be a hard month. The body will have to be retrained to a normal diabetic life. No more freedom to eat whenever I need to. Monitoring sugars 4 times a day. In another week I expect my appetite will have grown and I will have to go through some weeks of partial fasting to shrink it back to the size it needs to be. Also been craving sweets at the end of each meal. Not a good thing. I guess I could substitute with stuff made in Spenda or Equal.
Also not getting good and continuous sleep. Has lead t…

Sometimes I yearn for life before Diabetes

There are times when I wish that Diabetes had not come into my life. There were some things that were so much more easier before. Some of the things I yearned for last night -
Ability to eat a nice sugars snack for Christmas at the mall.
The taste of melting dark chocolate candy in my mouth
Rice and sambar
Eat idlis
Pasta Alfredo
French fries
Mango chutney
Peanut brittle
A big glass of Orange Juice

I console myself with this saying -
"You cannot expect life to be the way you want it to be. You have to deal with it the way it is."

Eat protein during dinner

So I have been experimenting with diet for a couple of weeks. Not by choice but due to the circumstances. The sugars are misbehaving and I started to sit down and think about what I am doing. For about two weeks I have only been checking my morning sugars. Not and ideal thing but I will blog about that later.
Morning sugars are trending all the way from 118 to 145.
I started to note what I ate the night before. I am totally off carbs in the dinner time. No bread, rice, roti or noodles. Nothing. I stick to vegetables and protein. I found out that the more protein I have for dinner, the better sugar numbers I wake up with. I am still trying to sort out the science behind this, but it seems to work.
The protein has be a good quantity though. Atleast one full chicken breast, a nice chunk of fish, a big serving of mutton (goat meat. Tastes like lamb), a big serving of tofu.