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How do you save the day when you wake up to a sugar of 183???

In my case, you do not...

You feel so bad that you just continue on the destructive track and tell yourself that you will eat better for dinner and exercise before sleeping...

The strange relationship between me and my meter

First of all, I will like to state that I think of my blood glucose meter as a girl. So when I talk about it, I always do it in the feminine form. What she ( my meter ) says is what goes.

My meter cab control how I start my day. If I wake up and she gives me a good number, then I coast through the rest of the day a much happier person. If she gives me a number that is too high right in the morning, I know that it is going to be one of those hard days. It sure is hard to recover from a bad morning number on my meter.

Sometimes the meter loves to blow my fun cover. Like the other day I was rolling through the day a happy camper and was thinking that the sugars must be doing good as my body seems to not want to drop like it is made of lead. So I happy brought her out of her case and poked myself and waited eagerly for the results....298. I was lost. She had taken the winds out of my sails. And sure enough I got lethargic right after that..What is up with that.

Then there are days when she…

Depression and Diabetes, like skating on thin ice.

I have been trying to understand this whole depression, feeling blue thing. Why do some of us diabetics suffer with it so much?

It is amazing how depression is so prevalent amongst the diabetics. Not sure if this is a factor of some chemical changes due to the lack of insulin or is it the fact that we have to spend our time worrying about what is going in and what the sugars might be running and what the future is bringing. If you are looking towards a future with possible amputations, blindness, sores, ulcers, it is kind of hard to be upbeat about it !!!!

The closest analogy I could come up with was a person skating on thin ice. You are feeling good as ypou are skating and can feel the cool wind on your face and feel free with the movements. But under you, the dark swirling waters are always existing. It is just a matter of time and chance that the ice might break and you get wet again. Hopefully you are alble to pull yourself back up and come back on the ice sheet and be safe. I hate…