Perplexed by fasting sugars

Lately I am having too much trouble getting a handle on my fasting sugars. They seem to be having a mind of their own.
Here are some numbers from the last week -
125,149,134, 139, 128, 138
The delta between the number is just too great. I used to have better numbers, but might be worth looking into.
Odd thing is that my dinner BG was 120, an excellent number for me. I just have two spoons of peanut butter, spend working on the computer for about and hour, went to sleep for 7 hours and the morning sugar is 138.
I guess during the night my body decided to send some more sugar into the system. Odd that it needed to.
I sometimes wonder is the body is like a machine. It needs to feel comfortable at a certain sugar number and if you drop, it will bring it back to that. Maybe I body wants to be in the 130 range. I am sure I can bring it down by some mind control and more exercise.
It might also be time to investigate some late night snacking. Maybe some sandwich meat slices before I sleep.
It is just a bug bummer to go to sleep with a nice number and wake up to a gargantuan. My doctor thinks the numbers should be under 120 for fasting sugars.


Lyrehca said…
Your blood sugars are actually pretty stable. I believe meter companies say that the numbers can be up to 20 percent off from one another (perhaps I am saying this wrong, but this is the idea). So a blood sugar of 128 is statistically the same as a blood sugar of 139.

Nice work!

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