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Your Diabetes, A Blessing or a Curse

We have all thoughts about why we ended up with a disease that lives with us forever.
And since it does a number or our emotions, we have to constantly question whether it is a blessing or a curse.

I think it is a BLESSING because:

It keeps me thinking about what I eat.It makes me wants to move and exerciseIt makes me think about my mental health and its impact on my lifeIt makes me care more for others who suffer diseasesIt reminds me of my mortality

I think it is a CURSE because:

I cannot eat whatever I feel like, so never free.It is a constant pain in the butt to plan the day especially when you travel.Waking up with high sugars is a big downer for the rest of the dayI am constantly thinking about what will go bad in my body nextI am spending lots of money on medications Overall, I think like anything else in the human condition, it is a mixed bag.  So my dear readers, let hear your comments on where you believe you are on this issue.

Diabetes and Stress : Playing Ping Pong with you

I used to love playing ping pong as I was growing up. I loved a rally where the ball was bounding between the two sides for a long rally.

These days I see myself being the little ball that is being bounced around between a stressed out life and a relaxed one. I can see my diabetes as the table and my life as the ball. I keep getting pushed from the life being stressed emotionally not able to control myself, depressed, in the dark, manipulating, fighting all on one side. And the other side is a nice happy person who can take anything that comes his way and is confident and reliable.

The amount of sugar in my bloodstream sure messes up the way I respond to emotions. I recently learnt that feelings are just our ways to adjust to needs that are not fulfilled. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. But it just is so hard to remember it when your brain and body are in a high sugar moment :-)

So my dear readers, what do you do when your sugars have their highs and your emotions…

Eating Less Processed Foods

Life has complicated in the last few decades for all humans.

We have been separated from our sources of food and eat more food that has been stored or processed. It is held in storage or moved long distances across continents.

There is good and bad that comes out of this.

The good is that humans can have access to food resources even if they are running out of them in particular places. We are able to create food in places that are better to grow them because they are closer to rich resources like water. So areas with less water can conserver the water for the beings and not focus on using it to grow the food.

But on the other hand the processing of the food has created more chemicals in our diet. The companies processing the food are adopting practices that are focussed on maximising their profits over the well being of the consumers that they are serving.

This processed food is a direct link to our health and to our diabetes.

Recently discovered an interesting site with folks who a…