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Do you ever think about death?

Feeling a little philosophical today. There have been some odd thoughts relating to death circulating around in my head.

It all started with the 60 minutes episode about presidential candidate Edwards interview with Katie about his wife being diagnosed with breast cancer. In response to one of the questions, Elizabeth Kerry said that she told her kids that she now knows what she will probably die of. I got thinking. It got me thinking. Now that I know I have diabetes, I pretty much know that I would die of complication related to Diabetes and Heart Disease. Sad, but true. I am not being negative, just thinking rationally actually.

Then there came a business trip. It has been a while since I had got onto a plane. The mind went back on death while sitting on the plane. There is always a possibility of it dropping out of the sky. But I sat down, closed my eyes and went over quickly the facts that most of the loose ends are tied up. I would be leaving my family emotionally distraught, but t…

Keeping sugars in control on a business trip

Monday I have to go to a customer site for a business trip. I am dreading this trip. For the last week I have kept a strict control on my sugars and am seeing great results. Now suddenly going on a trip across the nation is very disconcerting.

First of all, there is no good food available on the flights. There is carbs galore around the whole airport.

Secondly, I will not be able to eat better since I will be dining with other folks at the site. The choice of places to eat goes down when you have multiple people wanting to eat together.

Thirdly, I am going to be missing my wife and kids. The stress of that is bound to keep the sugars up.

Overall there is nothing but anxiety. But I hope to deal with it and learn to be better. This amount of anxiety does not seem normal.

Temptations all around

There are so many tempations around.
I am on a vacation/worki trip and staying with family. It is amazing how many temtations are around. There are little kids and their food. The adults also love sweets and carbs. There are donuts and mini muffins and ice cream and white bread galore in the refrigerator. I have managed to keep an iiron heart and stay away from it all.
That is nto really true, I did taste each thing atleast once. Luckily, I am on the check four times a day roll. So watching a sugar over 200 brought me back to earth each time. I am hoping I can have one day with sugras in the 160s.
I am amazed at seeing how bad some of the folks are eating. Also worry about some of the kids eating junk as they are not getting the right diets. Is it is a wonder why Type 2 is showing up in younger folks? I see the signs already with the foods that folks are running after.
Just three years ago when I was here, I was enjoying the exact same things. Everytime I used to come for vacation, I woul…

Being callous catches up

For the last six months took it easy on my sugars. I let myself eat almost anything I wanted, did not pay much attention to exercise.
Last week got tested and the A1C number was - 7.6. Weight went up by 10 pounds.
I was shocked. A high A1C means I am courting disaster.
Now I am back on the wagon. Checking sugars 4 times a day. Watching every morsel going into my mouth, walking around at any chance I have.
Goal is to bring the A1C under 6.5 in 6 moonths.