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My experiments with the seven day mental diet

Lately I have noticed that I am becoming a ball of negative energy. My thoughts and my actions are a lot more negative than positive. I am beginning to feel like a person who is a perpetual grouch.

So I decided to take back my life from this negative well. I decided to follow the metal diet as prescribed by Emmet Fox as in -

I started it on Friday. The day tunred out to be excruciatingly hard. I had a humongous headache at the end of the day. Saturday morning, I ended up fighting with my wife early in the morning and that took me back deep into my negative self. So as Emmet says, I abandoned the plan.

Now I have taken a couple of days off and watched myself and my reactions. I realize that I always feel like I am getting the raw deal in every thing, which is not neccesarluy true.

Today I restart the diet again. Will keep the blog updated on how it goes.

What medications am I on these days?

Metformin - 2 tablets, one with breakfast and one with Dinner
Glyburide - 1 tablet each morning with breakfast
Simvastatin - 1 tablet at dinner time.
MultiVitamins - Once a day
Testosterone cream - once a day
Fengreek seeds - A tsp soaked in water overnight, eat first thing in the morning.

Quite a list considering that I was not wanting to take meds. The future is still murky. Will I be eating more or less in the coming years. Basic common sense tells me that it will probably go up unless I keep the rigid schedule going. The old positive thinker wants me to believe that I will be off the prescription stuff.

Here comes Christmas rush and the holiday catalogs

The holiday catalogs have started bursting in through the mail. They are of all shapes and sizes this year. I get attracted to the ones with baskets of fruits and food.
Each time I look at them, I see carb laden stuff everywhere.
I sure wish someone would make baskets targeted specifically for Diabetics.

What was so scary about Halloween

The candy...That was way more scarier than any of the costumes.
There was candy everywhere and for a former addict like me, it was hell walking with the kids in the mall. I just bought myself a starbucks grande iced latte with soy milk and sipped it as I walked along.
I can say that I survived the holiday with eating just one piece of candy. I am so proud of myself.

Did you know that this is the Diabetes Month in the US?

I sure did not. Saw it mentioned in one of the mails I received from the blog and went out to see what it was all about.

I think I am pretty savvy and mostly aware of what is going on, but for some reason I never saw this. Must be all the glitter of the Presidential race going on around me that did not let me see :-)

Anyway, so here we are, it is the month for folks like me and most of my readers. What shall we do!!! I have decided to blog each day of this month. Yup that is a lot of stuff I need to think about and write about, but I beleive it will be a good thing.

Here is an official link to the diabetes month -

Trying to understand the one pound weight gain on the weekend

Last week I had decided to start the process of loosing weight. My weight had been steadily creeping up. So I started watching what I eat. Did not stop eating all the sweets in the house, but cut them down. I exercised everyday. But then on Monday I checked the weight and I had gained one full pound.

I was dumb founded and not sure what to make of it.

So I started thinking back to what I had had. On Saturday I had gone to a birthday party and on Sunday we had a couple of friends over. I started to think back what I ate there. Nothing jumped out till I remembered the Paneer. Yes, the Indian cheese. I have blogged about it before too. It seems to have a big impact on me. I had eaten some pieces of paneer on both the parties.

Now I know what caused the rise in the weight. I will watch out as there are more parties happening the coming weekend. It is the start of the holiday season and time to get things in some sort of control.