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Still far from positive

I continue on the journey to becoming a positive person.

The last week I had more than one meltdowns, but they were lesser in number and were lasting for shorter durations.

It is weird to analyze your own negative meltdowns. It seems to start like a deep rumbling in the bowels of my mind. It starts to swell and burst up into the forefront. When it hits the surface it seems to be traveling so fast that there is no stopping it. I have tried to stifle it, but that never works and it blows out later. Best is to let it come to the surface and have it pass. I try to remove myself from the situation if I can. If not, I focus my mind to something religious. It is weird but the process of turning positive is also making more more religious. Funny how that seems to be related.

Book Review of "What To Expect When you have Diabetes"

The book has 170 tips for folks dealing with Diabetes. It is very much a low level reference book that is a good addition to any library. A lot of this information you see in there is easily available on various websites, but then this is a nice and neat compilation available to look up when ever you need to.

I like the idea of having this book to quickly check on questions that arise as I deal with my diabetes. The thing with having a disease like diabetes is that you never know all about the disease at any one time. Various issues/complication arise over time. It is nice to have a source to look at questions.

The book is not going to answer your questions in detail. But it sure is a nice place to start.

The book is well organized and finding the answers to the questions is simple as looking at the index.

I would recommend the book to all diabetics who are relatively new to the disease. It is a good package to keep handy when odd things come up related to the disease. You can always sur…

My experiments with turning positive

In one of my last few posting I talked about going on a seven day diet for the mind to turn some of the negativity around and enter the realm of a positive thinker like Dr Peale.

I have tried to go on the diet about three times and failed miserably.

But like King Bruce and his spider, I refuse to give up.

I started it back up again on Monday and seem to be doing better. Still not as good as I can be, but I think that is the whole point. You have to keep practicing till it becomes second nature.

Key thing I have learnt is that you cannot controls the negative thoughts from popping up, but you can dictate how much time you spend thinking about them

Still keeping the A1C down. The latest doctors results

Got my quarterly checkup done.
A1C is 6.5. I am happy that it has stayed the course. Was hoping for something lesser, but no reason to complain.
The doctor saw a rise in weight gain and I was wondering of I should get off the glyburide.