The month for diabetes

November was diabetes awareness month. Sad thing is that I did not realize it for almost the whole month. No wonder there were so many items in the NEWS about folks struggling, surviving and beating diabetes.
It is amazing to realize that even though you think of yourself being well connected, you miss something that important. Just makes me want to help create a community for the help/support for people who are living with this life long disease. I found a link posted by Jay, a Type 1 diabetic talking about the missing support network too.


Hi there Anil. I was just browsing diabetes related blogs. Did you know that with Medicare or other private insurance, you can get a GLUCOSE METER ($70 value) and additional FREE diabetic supplies delivered to your home with FREE shipping. To see if you qualify, just complete a SIMPLE 3-step profile. Follow this child diabetes link and GOOD HEALTH to you :)
Nice blog Anil. Your posts were interesting reading. I was looking for diabetes information related information and found your site. I have a diabetes information site. It covers everything about diabetes care, complications, treatment and insulin. You'll find it very informative. Please try and visit it, see what you think and enjoy!
If you have a site similar to mine and would like to exchange links, please contact me through my website.
Anonymous said…
Hi - I was searching for blogs about associations and found yours. Reason I was searching for associations is I have one and I'm looking for ways people run theirs.
Hi Anil!
you inspired me man. I read each and every blog of yours and said to myself when he can why can't you.i was badly in need of inspirationa dn searched several indian diabetics blog was wondering how they cope. I am 30 and Diabetic for last 8 mnths with no family history of diabetes. Dunno any other indian diabetic if you know pls pass on info.
You are doing great Anil! I was on same way for initial 3 mnths then lost track and been through mess nevertheless trying to pick up again. Anil can you post your avergae day's diet and exercise menu i eman with brekafast lunch dinner and snacks as what you ate and how much did you worked out how about just giving an account of any average day....i'll get ideas and be inspired....
warm regards

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