Learning about Diabetes

When I first discovered I had diabetes, one of the ways I coped was to go to the books to learn as much as I can about the disease. I obviously started off from the web sites. They were a good place to start. Learnt a lot about the two types of diabetes - 1 and 2. And read some odd articles about the new 1.5 that is beginning to show up. The American Diabetes Association web pages were a nice place to start. The web pages talk about general stuff related to the disease. But my thirst for knowing more meant that I had to go find more details in books.
Next I checked around at office with folks that are already diagnosed with Diabetes. I got a copy of a book from Dr. Bernstein. He is a survivor of type 1 for over 70 years and it was a great start. He seemed a little extreme but the book was very informative. You can find details of his book and his philosophy at his website - www.diabetes-normalsugars.com/
Once I read through Dr Bernstein's book, I figured that I need to know more and get a more balanced view. So I searched around for more books in the used book stores (It is amazing to see how many different books are available in the used book stores. I like to buy stuff there as it makes me feel like I am recycling).
The next book I read is called Reversing Diabetes by Julian Whitaker. There was a lot of overlap with the details of the disease, but lots of new and interesting information related to ways to tackle the disease.
For anyone who wants to know about the disease than what is available on the web, I would recommend that you read these two books.
Now if you want to get more into the physiology of the disease, there are more scientific information available in some of the medicine texts. I have tried to read them too. But my science knowledge was a little rusty and I did not have the time to learn it in more details. I am sure in some time I will go back and read more detailed scientific details. It is something I know about myself.


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