Why can't I exercise

I do not know what is up with me. I have been making all sorts of excuses to not get on the treadmill. It is sitting in the garage with my Bowflex all disassembled all over it. So neither do I do my Bowflex, because I cannot even make 1 hour of free time in my day to assemble it. Neither does the whole clutter leave space to fold down the treadmill to start using it.
It is a perfect storm condition to not do any exercise. On top of that, I am freely eating peanut butter. No wonder the sugars beginning to creep up.
Got to get back into life and start again. Diabetes sure messes up with you. You are cognizant enough to know that you need to do something, but also not wanting to do something because without doing it, you know for sure that your days are numbered.


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