My diabetes make my spouse feel trapped

I have had diabetes for over 2 years now. Like any other diabetic this has been a nice roller coaster time. There are good coasting times and then there are those rocky times where nothing you do seems to calm your sugars down, and then you get stressed and sugars go whacko some more.

I all this time my spouse has been a great support. I did not realize how much that means. She has cooked great meals to help keep the sugars down. She has helped keep my focus on the things I need to do.

But lately things seem to be changing. There was a change in her attitude. She had been asking me to consider going on medications. Last week she finally told me that sometimes she feels trapped in by my disease. I was shocked at first, but then got OK with it in a few hours. Why should she not feel this way? After all she now has to deal with a person that suffers from a life long and possibly terminal disease. She gets to see me go through the mood changes as the sugars move around.

I think I realize that her feeling are legitimate and it is good for them to be out there. I do not think that this is going to affect our relationship, but it is good to know. I will be more sensitive to her as I am passing through one of those rough patches. Us diabetics need the help and support of others around us, but need to make sure we do not take this for granted.


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