Is there a mobile revolution going on?

There is so much going on in the world these days related to the mobile phones. Maybe it was always there and I just did not happen to notice it.
It is an overwhelming feeling. Everywhere you turn you see something being done for the mobile phone. Every company is working on making the mobile experience as good as the one on the internet. Some examples -
- Yahoo has a great mobile application that you can download and then you can see all your calendar, addresses etc easily on the phone.
- Calorie king has launched CalorieKing Mobile, a great resource for me. Now when I am outside and decide to eat in a new place, I can quickly run the numbers through Calorie King database and know how much carbs I am having.
- Facebook is now trying to replicate their experience on the mobile. I can't wait for this to get done properly.

It is all very exciting. I am being tempted to create a mobile prescence for the website.

I hope someone out there is actually reading this blog on the mobile phone. I have heard that people are staring to do that now.


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