Monday was a day filled with Saddness

I do not know what was special about Monday, but lots of weird stuff happened. I lose a close friend and three lives get extinguished.

I woke up in the morning and found out that a close friend of mine was moving back to India. We used to be really close, but had been out of touch for a while and now he was leaving, this would end up leaving a void in my life. I felt bad that we are not talking together much and felt bad that I had no close friends left any more. There was an emptiness left.

Then I talked to my parents and they told me that my cousins young husband just passed in the night. They guy went to sleep and never woke up. I was shocked. He was much younger than me. Brings mortality back into our heads. I told myself that the treadmill is going to get started to being used very soon.

Went to work, come back and hear that my Father in law's closest friend passed away in the night too. Heard that a close friend, whose parents I adore, lost here grandmother.

It seemed life three important people just left the world in one day. There are three shattered and grieving families. I see now that lots of people die each day, but it is odd to hear that three people somehow connected to you passed on the same day.


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