Shrinking the stomach

From all the reports I read, the stomach is a pretty important piece of the diabetes type2 puzzle. So I have been thinking about it for a while. Seems like I am always worried about shrinking it. There are two ideas of stomach in my mind -
The External Stomach
This is actually the belly as seen from outside. A large belly does not mean the organ is big internally, but that you have a lot of fat around your waist. This definitely needs to go down. Need to exercise and consume the fat off the body to get this to shrink.

The internal stomach
This is the actual organ. This can get big too. Changes shapes. It is almost like an elastic that can be trained. You see a lot about the various operations folks are doing these days to shrink it. Some put a band on it, some put staples. Lots of things. I have been using fasting to get this down. I notice that slowly reducing your food intake does the trick. You will be hungry for about two weeks, but it works. In the last two weeks, I have brought it down from eating a -
burger, salad and a yogurt to
just a burger.
I now feel full after the burger. It worked for me.

Only thing to remember is that expanding the stomach, external and internal is a lot lot more easier than shrinking it. Got to be on the lookout all the time or it sneaks back on you.


Lori Rode said…
So, regarding your food choices, do you feel full after eating a salad and a yogurt (no burger), also? A lot more nutrition & fiber in that green stuff than in beef fat & white flour bun.

I know, I know, we're all on the road and taking one step at a time and your step forward IS a great step forward. Good for you!
Anil said…
Yes I do feel full after eating the salad and yogurt too. The problem is that by the end of two hours I am famished again.

Also for dinner, if I have nice amount of protein, the sugars are good, and the fasting sugars are wonderful by my standards.

Lesser or no protein at dinner means good after dinner sugars, but higher fasting sugars.

As you say, this is a long road with lots of twists and turns.
Hey Anil you are right about shrinking stomach guess what it worked for me. while working to get my BS levels down I started eating less and for first 2 days hunger pains were terrible. they calm down 3rd day and i felt filling feeling with lesser food. It works provided we keep strong hold.
thanks for enocuraging me earlier.
Anonymous said…
How 'bout a 3-4 oz burger, no bun, salad and yogurt. This provides your source of protein, nutrition (yogurt) and fiber (salad).
Pretty well-balanced, eh?
Anonymous said…
Maybe Anil was just giving an example of changes in fullness levels not focusing on which foods. Many of us chose different foods to eat.

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