How does the phase of the moon impact my sugars?

Just kidding with the headlines. As of now there is no known connection between the phases of the moon and the blood sugars, but can we be certain?

This post is about the frustration I sometimes feel in understanding the sugars. You could eat the same thing two days in a row and the sugars could vary widely. It is very perplexing. I am constantly amazed by the researchers keep finding out on the blood sugar control. Minor amounts of physical movement, what you eat for breakfast, how much sleep you got, any small amount of stress you feel, anything could be impacting the blood sugars.

There are days I feel like I understand and can master this. And then there are days like today when it confuses you totally. I think today I am going to relax and try not to think about it. After all stressing about not understanding why your sugars are high will only lead to higher sugars, won't it !!!!


My honey keeps having to remind me that I have diabetes and what that means is that sometimes my numbers will just not make sense. I stick my tongue out at her, but I suppose she's not wrong.

I like to quote from Out of Africa in these moments:
"When God is happy, he plays with you."

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