Me, a Pill Popper? Yes I am !!

I was talking to my mom last night. She is a Type2 diabetic and is currently on Insulin. I asked her if she is exercising and if she is taking her multivitamins with extra calcium. She said that she is trying to go for a walk each day now that the weather is improving. But she is not eating her multivitamins. She said that she does not want to pop yet another pill.

Got me thinking. I sometimes feel like I am very anti medication when it comes to taking presciption medicines for controlling my diabetes, but every day I am eating -
1) Fiber supplements
2) Multivitamin
3) Fish Oil
4) Cinnamon tablets.
When you see it from my perspective I think that I am not popping any pills to control my disease. And then I take the view of my family watching me after dinner put 4 vitamin tablets into my mouth. They sure see me as popping pills. I am religiously taking these because I believe that they are making it easier to control my sugars.

So am I a pill popper or not???? I would like to say that is a matter of perspective, but the reality is that I am a pill popper.
Sigh...Time to change that internal self opinion again


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