Another Diabetes School Care Act Enacted

My eyes caught this news report today. A legal act was enacted in Indiana, a state in the US.
Diabetes School Care Act in Indiana

Couple of odd thoughts come to mind.

First, why does an act like this have to be created. It feels bad to know that the awareness for diabetes is still so little that specific acts have to get created to achieve some simple care for kids in school.
Second, thank you for ADA, the American Diabetes Org for making something like this possible. And thanks to all the volunteers. But what about the hundreds of millions of people not in the US. Who is looking after their interests?
Third, isn't there a better way to achieve this than through legal acts. I wonder how much money was spent to get this act through. In the back of my mind I also question if some of the drug companies sponsored any of this. Did they give money in the hope of selling more of their products?


Vivian said…
Sadly, this kind of legislation is necessary for our children to have a safe, near normal school experience. The school system can be very difficult in convincing certain things are necessary when it comes to a child's health. Maybe they have not heard that a healthy child is a better student. The process the ADA follows to get to the point of passing legislation is a four part philosophy: Educate, Negotiate, Litigate and Legislate. Parents everyday across the nation are trying to educate and negotiate until they are blue in the face. Often they are left with no other choice, short of home schooling, in order to keep their kids safe. Once it becomes law, it makes it easier for so many students and their families to keep them safe and learning. Now if we could just get a nurse in every school.

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