Waking up to the 130's

The new year is upon us. I have sworn to start waking up to the 120's. Right now I have managed to get it into the 130's. Not good but it is still better than the 140s that I was having in the last two weeks of December.

I hate waking up to higher sugars. It really messes up my mood for the rest of the day. And the fact that your body is hurting like someone beat you up in the night, is another unpleasant sensation. There are too many mysteries for me related to higher sugars. Body aches, odd sensations in the legs and hands, unclear vision, ringing in the ears.

But I am setting the goal to reduce the morning sugars and will reach it by the end of the month.


MileMasterSarah said…
I'd be pretty happy waking up in the 140's, which I did today! I hate waking up in the 200's and 300's!

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