And I thought that the surgery was going to be hard...

If you are starting the thread here, on Jan 12th my son went through a major surgery. He is just one year old. I was jittery and totally nervous about the experience. My previous post talked about my state after the procedure was done.

Then a couple of days later came the post-op shocker. The doctor had warned us that it is going to be rough, but I had no idea how tough it would get. We had to remove the bandages ourselves on Monday, which is totally insane. This would never happen in India. Only in the US does medical insurance try to skimp on all costs and have the patients be responsible for taking off bandages. It was a nightmare. The kid screamed so much that he lost his voice. There were three people working on him, two to contain him and the third, me, taking off the bandages. They were supposed to peel off, but they refused to. I had to call the physician on-call and have him be on the phone as he instructed me to take off one layer after another. Imagine peeling off bandages as your kid is bawling into your ears like you are killing him. When finally that ordeal was over all of us collapsed and the poor baby was so shocked and traumatised. He finally went to sleep.

The next few days were even more nightmarish, as every time I had to run anti bacterial ointments on the wounds, he would scream. Lets just say that my ears, heart and brain hurt. My wife fared through these days much harder. The stress got to her and she is eating pain killers to deal with her whole body hurting.

The doctor told us to bathe him every day to help with the healing. Tried it on Wednesday and the kid screamed at the sight of water. We were sure that the impact is going to last for a lifetime.

Fast forward to today, it has been a week. We have managed to give him a bath for the last two days. Had to find a different place in the house to bathe him. His wounds are healing up too. So the screams are a lot lesser when I rub on the ointment. Still find traces of blood from the fabric rubbing on the wounds once in a while, but the doctor assures us that this will be all gone by the third week. He is doing better. I am feeling better, but the impact of this experience is going to live in my mind forever.

And now the impact on sugars. Well, did not really eat much the whole week. Whatever I ate was quick food which ended up being higher in carbs. Sleep was hard with a baby in pain sleeping next to me. Morning sugars are in the 140s. I am hoping that things improve over the next two weeks so I can feel better about my diabetes too.


Anonymous said…
Hello Anil
In your trying times I pray may God give your baby health and peace soon and help you and your wife to cope up with pressure.
warm regards
diabetic moments
MileMasterSarah said…
it sounds like life has been pretty rough these past few weeks. Your family is your cornerstone, and I hope that things only keep looking up. Don't stress yourself out further. I think blood sugars in the 140's is fabulous.

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