Surgery makes me feel helpless

This post has nothing to do with diabetes. It is about another part of my life, my children. My son just went through a major surgery. He is just a year old. He was in the operating room for three hours. The eight hours I spent in the hospital with my wife were really really hard. I sat through that time and remembered the last time I waited for hours in the hospital, my dads triple bypass surgery.

Both the surgeries have left huge nightmares in my psyche. I am thankful for good doctors and being fortunate enough to be able to afford them and the nice hospitals that the procedures were done in. Surgeries are truly amazing advances of science for me. Being able to rebuild parts of a persons body and having them come out living and as normal as before, is a miracle that science brings to us.

But at the same time they also leave me feeling helpless. I think it is because you have no control left on the situation. For my son, it was really acute. I am one of the primary care takes for the kid. Seeing him go into a room full of strangers who are going to be working on him and I would not be able to control it. Once you have signed over the 100 forms declaring that you are OK with whatever they want to do, you are left waiting outside in a sucky cafeteria waiting for the beeper to go off telling you that the operation was done. Totally not a place I want to be. I am glad that the first part of the process is over. Now comes the other hard part, taking care of a child as her recovers froma a major surgery. I wonder how my sugars will do in this time frame...that reminds me, I need to check my sugars.


MileMasterSarah said…
oh man, only a year. that is rough stuff. I have been lucky to have two children that have never needed surgery! It is really hard to see our tykes need medical help. Hang in there, things are moving forward and it can only look up from here. And if you weren't intended to be a good help for your little guy, you wouldn't have been blessed with him!

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